About Us

Trans Creek Construction LLC, the flagship company, submits to you that we are fully equipped to offer the highest quality of comprehensive professional engineers in the construction industry. We have a professional engineers in the construction industry. We have a practical based foundation of knowledge, skill and experience covering the structural, civil, plumbing and electrical engineering disciplines with expertise using new construction technology.

Trans Creek Construction LLC provides a full range in construction which includes general contracting, construction of buildings and villas and its maintenance work. Our goal is to create lasting customer relationships founded on mutual trust, respect, professionalism, integrity and dedication.

Our well-equipped plant and machinery, scaffolding, Props, tools and other modern infrastructure help us to cope with the needs and demands of constrution activity. We have a strong financial foundation enabling us to invest additional funding as and when required, for the projects that areawarded to us, for timely completion with quality.

We assures you of our best services at all times.


Trans Creek Construction mission is to consistently provide quality focused construction services.


Our vision has been clear and consistent from day one. TCC has built its reputation on quality. In pursuit of that goal we have worked with discipline and dedication to continuously raise the bar of our quality standards. Today we have reached the highest level of professionalism in the construction industry and have been rewarded by our Clients' trust and continued satisfaction.